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Tools that work with Moai

Beyond development environments like Xcode, Eclipse and Visual Studio, here are some tools that work great with Moai.

Code editors, IDE and debugging

SublimeText2 is an excellent cross-platform editor supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OSX. See the Moai SDK & Sublime2 config guide

Notepad++ is an open source code editor for Windows ideal for use with Lua.

SciTE is an open source code editor for Windows that is popular with Lua developers.

Decoda is a commercial Lua IDE and debugger that is popular with many game studios.

IntelliJ IDEA is a commercial IDE. See this thread for info on Lua configuration.

Koneki is an open source cross-platform IDE based on Eclipse. It has a built-in debugger that allows you to debug Lua scripts.

ZeroBrane Studio is a slick IDE for Lua and Lua-based frameworks that supports syntax highlighting, code analyzer, remote console, full debugging, watches and stack view; includes debugging and auto-complete for Moai (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux).

Spriter is a 2D game animation tool. A beta spriter2moai plugin to work with Moai is available at Github

Image and animation editors

Tiled is an excellent open source tile map editor for Mac and Windows from Thorbjørn Lindeijer that is ideal for use with creating games with Moai.

TexturePacker is a great Mac and Windows shareware tool from Andreas Löw for sprite sheet creation and image optimization. TexturePacker supports the creation of .lua files for use with Moai.

Sprite Sheet Packer is an simple, but yet quite powerful open source tool for sprite sheet creation with optimized placement of images.

Physics Body Editor is an excellent open source editor to make your life easier with physics engines. Specifically, it targets the creation of collision shapes for your game objects - "rigid bodies".

Adobe Flash Professional is the industry standard for animation, and Moai ships with JSFL scripts that will export Flash animations into flipbooks or sprite sheets for use with Moai.

Inkscape is one of the leading Open Source vector-graphics editors. SVG, as a general graphics packaging schema, can be used with MOAI/Lua-tables (parse the SVG DOM) to produce suitable MOAI objects.

Glyph Designer is an OS X application that allows you to generate stunning bitmap fonts for use in your games and export them for use in Moai.

Particle Designer allows you to quickly create stunning particle effects and export them for use in Moai. Instantaneous feedback and over 35 properties that control all aspects of how your particles render and animate save hours of particle design time.