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Installing CMake

Help Wanted

This documentation is missing or incomplete and we would welcome some community assistance.

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The easiest way to get cmake working is to download the zip/tar.gz version and then add the bin folder to your path.

1. Download CMake

Download CMake from

2. Extract to a folder somewhere.

Extract the downloaded package.


It can help to extract to a place where you can keep all your dependencies for MOAI building (/moai-deps/cmake) such as the android NDK, the emscripten SDK etc

  • Linux : tar xvf cmake-3.2.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz
  • OSX : tar xvf cmake-3.2.2-Darwin-x86_64.tar.gz
  • Windows: right click -> extract all

3. Ensure that CMake is on the path

To launch cmake during build it will need to be on your path.

This can be done by either:

  • AdHoc (will need to be run every time you start a new prompt)

    • Linux and OSX : export PATH=<cmake-bin-path>:$PATH
    • Windows: set PATH=;%PATH%
  • Permanently (might affect other apps or conflict with existing tools)

    • Linux : add to your ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profle or ~/.bashrc check with your linux vendor using same syntax as adhoc above
    • OSX: create or add to ~/.bash_profile using same syntax as adhoc above
  • Moai Environment Script

    • Windows: edit <SDK_ROOT>/bin/env-win.bat and change the set CMAKE_PATH=... line to point to your cmake bin path.
    • OSX: edit <SDK_ROOT>/bin/env-osx.shand change theCMAKE_PATH=...` line to point to your cmake bin path
    • Linux: edit <SDK_ROOT>/bin/env-linux.shand change theCMAKE_PATH=...` line to point to your cmake bin path


The env scripts are very rough and could be improved, they currently don't have cmake support in them. Pull requests welcome

4. Ready to roll

Just ensure that cmake is on the path before you call the bin/build-xxxx scripts and you should be right to go. Don't forget most of the build scripts have other dependencies.